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Unveiling our new identity

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The new look

Our roots reach all the way back to a dusty basement at MIT, where we first crunched data for the research that would grow into Since then, we’ve graduated from our college digs, shifted our focus and improved our sense of design. Now, we’re unveiling a new look that you’ll start to see across our website and our mobile apps.

New Identity

Our previous all-caps blue “” logo stemmed from our early days (all the way back in 2011) as a technology company looking to change how data was collected and applied in research and clinical care. Since then, we’ve grown into an individual and provider-centric company that’s dedicated to building deeper connections between healthcare providers and their customers through the use of data. Our new look, with its clean, modern lines, reflects these goals and also serves as a recommitment to our values of empathy, trust and accountability.

The process

Like any good start-up, we started with a spec and iterated from idea to MVP to finished product. We debated logo vs. icon vs. both, as well as what about our company we wanted our new identity to highlight. Our design brief asked that the identity “evoke images of health without losing sight of the technology and data aspects.”

Identity ExplorationVarious iterations on the identity

We asked our design lead, Sabih Mir, to explain what he liked about the identity we ultimately chose:

“Our goals for the new identity were pretty clear: take some time to think about how has evolved, and through that process arrive at a new, cohesive visual language that is simple, modern and adaptable. We wanted something that will grow with us as an organization.”

What do you think?

As we continue to learn and grow over the year(s) ahead, we look forward to talking to more individuals, more caregivers and more providers, and finding ways to deepen their connections. Interested? Partner with us today by e-mailing

And of course, if you have thoughts on our new logo, please share them with us below or by tweeting @ginger_io.