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Time for the second annual Teamsgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Anmol bbq
Last year, we kicked off the holiday season with Teamsgiving, a chance for all of us to reflect on what we are thankful for as part of the team. This year, we’re putting a slight twist on it and making it a tweetable #teamsgiving! You may have seen some of our thoughts over the past week on twitter — here are a selection of the rest!

A couple of themes have emerged – we’re thankful for the chance to work on something with impact, to work with committed clinicians and patients, and to work with each other. And don’t forget the ping pong table!

Let us know what you think — if you’ve worked with the team, what are you thankful for?

Ilan Elson Schwab (@elsonschwab): I am thankful for good health and the great partners we have that are excited to promote more good health.

Peter Smith (@petersmithus): I’m thankful for working with clinicians and colleagues who embrace the mission of proactive care and improved patient outcomes.

Naomi Kincler (@namikinc): users who are trailblazers, working tirelessly to improve their own health & help better the health of others by simply sharing their experience

Karim Wahba (@karimwahba): Thankful to be working with a wicked awesome team @ginger_io on a truly worthy cause

Jeremy Johnson (@jeremyajohnson): I am thankful to be impacting the way healthcare is delivered in a scalable fashion with a talented team that truly cares.

Julia Bernstein (@jfbernstein): I’m thankful to work on an inspiring mission and work w/ people who can help make it a reality, both in and outside @ginger_io

Kate Farrahi (@kfarrahi): Thankful to have met so many interesting and talented people at Ginger and to be part of the exciting data science team.

Mahesh Sharma (@maheshsharma): Thankful for all the amazing people I get to work with, just like a family away from home 🙂

Julia Winn (@julia_winn): I am thankful to work with so many incredibly talented people who are all trying to make a difference in healthcare.

Michelle Patruno: I’m thankful for our wonderfully supportive team. Our teams love of food and terrible movies. And all of the new additions!

Sai Moturu: I’m thankful for a thoughtful team, a growing data science group and the new ping pong table 🙂