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Thursday, August 11, 2011


We’ve been heads-down over the past month working closely with our partners on some great new updates. Meanwhile, we’ve had a few opportunities to share what we’re building with the Boston community.

2011 Health Tech Conference where we spoke on a panel on innovation in mobile health. We enjoyed connecting with fellow panelists and entrepeneurs, from Ben Rubin @ Zeo to Suzanne Xie @ Lollihop. More specifically, we discussed the challenges with B2C (consumer directed) vs. B2B2C (enterprise driven) models at the intersection of health and technology.

2011 Propel Careers Panel where we spoke on “convergent” technologies in life sciences (picture above). Representing the new venture perspective, we were honored to be included on a group with such deep expertise in the space. We discussed the important of finding strong enterprise partners who can provide the layer of trust and support to get to scale.

2011 MicroTech Conference & Expo where we discussed modeling objective quality of life measures using mobile phone sensors. Quality of life is a big concern across healthcare, and current methods just don’t work. We described how our behavioral analytics approach provides objective quality of life scores to a variety of players in the health ecosystem.

A big thanks to the organizers: Lauren CelanoCharles Huang, and Chris & Sarai Tsai, and Karen Lightman for organizing a great set of events!