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Centerstone Research Institute, and Verizon Partner to Solve Healthcare’s Superutilizer Challenge

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

by recently teamed up with the Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) and Verizon Wireless to launch a new behavioral health program powered by data science and mobile technology. The program, known as coactionHealth, helped patients with complicated mental and physical health conditions to better manage their health and reduce healthcare costs along the way.

The targeted intervention program used a technology-driven healthcare delivery model to help patients with complex health disorders. The result? One hundred percent of patients felt comfortable managing their conditions just 30 days into the program, when zero percent felt confident doing so at the start of the intervention. That’s an amazing transformation in patient engagement, confidence and empowerment.

One patient lost nearly 20 pounds, dropping her HbA1C levels below the threshold for diabetes. Another patient discovered the root cause of her frequent hospitalizations, and hasn’t had an ER visit or hospitalization since enrolling in the program.

“Providers now have access to more data from more sources than ever before, and connecting that data to physical and mental wellness represents an enormous opportunity to improve outcomes,” said Anmol Madan, co-founder and CEO of “We’re helping providers shift from an episodic view of their patients’ health to a continuous and more comprehensive understanding of personal health trends. The CRI program shows how targeted outreach and an improved patient-provider connection can empower patients to take control of their own health.”

“The coactionHealth pilot demonstrated that technology can be a vital tool in advancing behavioral healthcare and making the healthcare system more efficient and effective for people with chronic and complex conditions,” said Dr.  Tom Doub, CEO of CRI. “By integrating mobile solutions and data analytics into a coordinated care program, CRI, and Verizon were able to not only reduce hospitalization costs, but create a positive mental and physical change for participants.”

The coactionHealth program was so successful that CRI and its partners is now offering the intervention service to more patients in several new locations.

Read the full description of the intervention program over at Centerstone Research Institute.